Did you know over half of trans and gender diverse individuals have experienced discrimination while seeking healthcare?

Affirming and inclusive care increases patient retention, improves patient outcomes, and enhances revenue.  

QueerCME helps your organization become the cure for trans healthcare discrimination.

We leverage our business acumen, medical expertise, and lived experience to optimize your services.



I believe healthcare needs to change. Trans and gender diverse patients should not be AFRAID to seek healthcare. I want to help your organization become the cure to trans healthcare discrimination.


Position your health system as the leader in trans healthcare adminstration.


What are the needs at your organization? Let me build the perfect team to support your institution's goals. Book a quick 30 minute session with me to give me an overview. Once we know more we can work on a package that fits your budget.


Founder & CEO, QueerDoc & QueerCME | Board Certified Family Medicine | Multi-state Licensure | Clinical Instructor, University of Washington School of Medicine | Medical Selection Committee Chair, Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference



Gender Affirming Assessment

A deep dive on your organization's current practices highlighting opportunities for growth affirming trans and gender diverse patients or clients within your health system.

Receive written, actionable feedback supporting the inclusion of TGD clients with additional package options for review, debrief, and support. This offering customizes to fit your time and budget.

Gender Affirming Change Facillitation

Individually crafted group session supporting health organizations facing the joy and discomfort of changing the gender binary.

We know systemic and individual change feels challenging. With this offering we help your team navigate their hopes, fears, questions, and concerns in a safe space. Sessions designed specifically for your team's needs.

Speaking Services

  • Didactic Sessions- pick from a list of over 20 topics in trans healthcare
  • Q & A's- allow your team to bring their gender care questions to a "Both And" expert
  • Custom Topics- crafted specifically to your organizations needs
  • Keynotes- humorous, vulnerable, and inspiring connections motivating organizational growth

QueerCME Subscription Platform

The most comprehensive, nuanced, and practical program available to learn gender affirming medical care including:

  • 40+ hours video didactic content
  • 50+ ready to use patient care downloads
  • Supportive clinician community
  • Access to the subject matter expert

Where to find our work

"Dr. Beal is an excellent physician and educator. I highly recommend listening to their many talks, and reaching out to them as a possible lecturer."

Elaine Figueroa Geissinger
Assistant Director 
Florida State University College of Medicine

"As a speaker, Dr. Beal is warm, professional, engaging, and enthusiastic to share their expertise."

Debra Seguin RN, MN
Nurse Planner and Director of the Center for Continued Nursing Learning (CCNL)
Pacific Lutheran University
School of Nursing

"Dr. Crystal has an easy-going manner which makes them very personable and relatable. They have a great sense of humor, and extensive body of knowledge. Their information is valuable, pertinent, relevant, up-to-date and even cutting edge. Dr. Beal has the highest recommendation I have ever given in my 40+ years in medicine!" 

Colleen Carette
Physician Assistant and Mental Health Counselor
University of Puget Sound