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Gain continuing education credit with materials that are full of useful information. Dr. Crystal Beal combines  their lived experience as nonbinary and as the family member of folx undergoing medical transition with their medical expertise garnered from serving hundreds of transgender and gender diverse patients. 






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  • Core curriculum: 14 hours CE/CME certified content on gender affirming medical care 
  • Downloadable resources: chart note templates, surgery referral letter templates, pre-visit questionnaires, sample visit scripts
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  • Recordings of all monthly live streams and quarterly "Ask the Expert" events with access to the downloadable resources and CE/CME

Insights in trans affirming healthcare:

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Oct 03, 2022

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Sep 26, 2022

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Sep 19, 2022

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I believe healthcare needs to change. Trans and gender diverse patients should not be AFRAID to go to their provider’s office. They should expect more from their provider than just getting their name or pronouns correct. Healthcare has a long history of centering white, cis, hetero patients' needs while using marginilized people for medical experimentation. Colonialism and misogyny have saturated our medical systems and medical training.

I am here to change that.

At QueerCME I strive to disrupt the status quo of medical education by centering training from my lived experience as queer and FEMME (in a nonbinary fashion) and as the family member of many folx who have undergone medical transition.

If you are ready to challenge your bias and socialization, join me and learn how to rethink gender and healthcare. My course will help you create an affirming and inclusive practice. Practical tools like note templates and sample scripts save you time in taking your practice to the next level.

"Dr. Crystal has an easy-going manner which makes them very personable and relatable. They have a great sense of humor, and extensive body of knowledge and a devotion to our unique population. Their information is valuable, pertinent, relevant, up-to-date and even cutting edge. Dr. Beal has the highest recommendation I have ever given in my 40+ years in medicine!" 

Colleen Carette
Physician Assistant and Mental Health Counselor
University of Puget Sound




"Dr. Beal is an excellent physician and educator. I highly recommend listening to their many talks, and reaching out to them as a possible lecturer." 

Elaine Figueroa Geissinger
Assistant Director 
Florida State University College of Medicine






"As a speaker, Dr. Beal is warm, professional, engaging, and enthusiastic to share their expertise."

Debra Seguin RN, MN
Nurse Planner and Director of the Center for Continued Nursing Learning (CCNL)
Pacific Lutheran University
School of Nursing
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