QueerCME is on a MISSION to:

Raise the bar in queer and gender affirming healthcare.

Disrupt the cis, hetero-centered paternalistic status quo of healthcare.

Cure trans healthcare discrimination.



I believe healthcare needs to change. Trans and gender diverse patients should not be AFRAID to go to their provider’s office. They should expect more from their provider than just getting their name or pronouns correct. Healthcare has a long history of centering white, cis, hetero patients' needs while using marginilized people for medical experimentation. Colonialism and misogyny have saturated our medical systems and medical training.

I am here to change that.

At QueerCME I strive to disrupt the status quo of medical education by centering training from my lived experience as queer and FEMME (in a nonbinary fashion) and as the family member of many folx who have undergone medical transition.

If you are ready to challenge your bias and socialization, join me and learn how to rethink gender and healthcare.



I attended Florida State University College of Medicine where I helped found the LGBTQ medical student group. I completed my training at Valley Family Medicine Residency Program. As a queer and gender diverse person myself, I experienced healthcare discrimination as a patient. I continued to see gaps in care for my community. I sought extensive additional training in sexual health, queer health, and gender affirming care including self-study, continuing medical education trainings, and shadowing experts in the community. I attended focused CME in the topics of cultural humility, trauma-informed care, sex-positive care, and kink-affirming care.

I started QueerDoc in 2018 (before online clinics were cool) to make inclusive and affirming care more accessible to my community. QueerDoc has grown into a four provider group, and I have continued to serve my community by taking positions as a Clinical Instructor at the University of Washington and as the Chair of the Medical Selection Committee at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, the largest free transhealth conference in the world.

I opened QueerCME to share the massive amount of nuanced, practical, and evidence-informed information I have in the field of gender affirming healthcare garnered through my high-volume practice and lived experience.

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"Just a note of gratitude- used your adolescent intake questionnaire for a patient of mine who has ASD and selective mutism and was having difficulty accessing gender care in other locations. Extremely helpful to elucidate goals for care, start a greater informed consent conversation. We were able to start GAHT and form a more profound relationship. Thank you!"

Adolescent Medicine Physician

"I have recommended this program to six colleagues, three friends, and a few passersbys on the sidewalk in the last 48 hours. I read the UCSF guidelines and patients were happy I was doing something. After this CME program, I feel confident to offer options, to approach different clinical scenarios, and to connect with patients on a whole different level. I don't get CME allowance, I used my own money and would do it again in a heartbeat."

Jeremy Neuman, MD
Primary Care Physician
Ally Primary Care

"Dr. Crystal has an easy-going manner which makes them very personable and relatable. They have a great sense of humor, and extensive body of knowledge and a devotion to our unique population. Their information is valuable, pertinent, relevant, up-to-date and even cutting edge. Dr. Beal has the highest recommendation I have ever given in my 40+ years in medicine!" 

Colleen Carette
Physician Assistant and Mental Health Counselor
University of Puget Sound