Vocal Expression with Renée Yoxon | S02E05

Season #2

Join me with Renée Yoxon (they/them) to learn more about vocal transition. Renée Yoxon is a queer, nonbinary, and disabled gender-affirming voice teacher with a passion for voice education, creativity, and vocal curiosity. Over the past 12+ years, they have taught thousands of students how to love their voice. Their strength as a teacher is explaining complicated concepts in plain language that anyone can understand, as well as anticipating student problems before they occur. They are the creator of a suite of online courses that provide concise and easy-to-follow trans voice education to trans and nonbinary people all over the world: Trans Vocal Exploration, Trans Voice Basics, Mindful Voice Feminization, Masculinize Your Voice Without Testosterone, and Learn to Teach Trans Voice Alteration in 5 Weeks. Renée is a creative thinker, and a deep listener, and their favourite thing in the world is helping people just like you to reach their voice goals. Find them at reneeyoxon.com.


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