Somatic Sex Education and Surrogate Partner Therapy | S01E10

Season #1

Join me as I host this amazing episode of QueerCME with Katherine Yeagel (any) who is a Surrogate Partner Therapist and Somatic Sex Educator. Katherine is a surrogate partner, somatic sex educator, and queer sex & relationship coach. They live amongst the beautiful rivers and rolling hills of Western Massachusetts on Nipmuc and Pocomtuc land. When they are not thinking, talking, and learning about sexual healing, they spend a lot of time in the woods with my dog, practicing fiddle, and making challah.

They found this field after becoming jaded with my 9-to-5 job at a nonprofit, where they were frequently given the feedback that they weren’t “professional” enough. As someone who lives in their emotions and relishes authentic relationships, they were drawn to this work largely because it presented an opportunity to be my full, genuine self with my clients. They view themself as a guide and companion more so than a practitioner, and they develop meaningful, genuine relationships with each of my clients.

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