What's Happening Next at QueerCME? SEX!

gender affirming healthcare gender affirming medical care sexual health sexual healthcare transgender transgender continuing education online transgender health transgender health education transgender health education online Jan 02, 2023

Well, sexual health education.


Sexual Health is one of my favorite topics!!!!! I often say if everyone slept better, shit better, and sexed better the world would be a kinder place. (I recognize this does not solve the systemic oppression of our society, but I am being a little facetious.) 


We wrapped up youth care in December with a focus on surgery in gender affirming youth. Our next content block for a few months will focus on sexual heathcare for your trans and gender diverse patients. I wanted to take this blog to give you an overview of what’s coming up at QueerCME

  • Per usual, our blog will continue to publish every Monday and will be full of my favorite resources for providers and patients on this topic.
  • Our upcoming vodcast episodes will include:
  • Our upcoming didactics include


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