What’s Coming Up Next at QueerCME?!?!

Jul 31, 2023
Dr. Crystal Beal (they/themme) sipping from a flamingo straw.

Our original content published in June of 2022- 14 hours on gender affirming medical care for trans and gender diverse adults. Our first monthly series was on adolescent gender affirming medical care. Then we moved onto sexual health for trans and gender diverse patients.


Up next I will be incorporating your feedback! In August I will do a deeper dive on how I titrate gender affirming treatments in an individualized, patient-centered fashion. I will touch on it in a blog, do a fun case studies approach in the vodcast with a QueerDoc colleague, and then culminate with an Ask the Expert (ATE) event. At the ATE, I am the expert, so you can pick my brain on all things gender affirming care related.


After getting into the nitty, gritty of my practice style, we will focus on aging while trans! More feedback from you, the QueerCME member community. I will be welcoming elder trans folx on the vodcast, we will do a panel discussion of our elder trans community, and do some didactic content on health needs for elderly trans folx. That educational series will round out October to November. Looking forward to learning more with you!


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