Undead Voice Lab: Transforming Voices, Transforming Lives

Jan 09, 2024

At Undead Voice, we believe in the profound impact of voice on personal identity and expression, especially for the trans and gender diverse community. Founded by Nicole Gress (she/they), a seasoned speech-language pathologist, Undead Voice Lab is an innovative online platform dedicated to gender affirming voice transition training. Our team, led entirely by trans and gender diverse individuals, brings not just expertise but shared lived experience to our work.


Voice dysphoria – the distress caused by the discrepancy between one's voice and gender identity – affects an estimated 85% of the trans and gender diverse population. It can impact mental health, social interactions, and professional life. Addressing this critical aspect of transition is often overlooked in traditional healthcare due to the lack of accessible, specialized resources. This is where Undead Voice Lab steps in.


Our program offers a comprehensive, personalized approach to voice transition. We understand that every journey is unique, as is every voice. Our training is designed to cater to this individuality. We focus not only on the technical aspects of voice training – like resonance, pitch, and intonation – but also on the emotional and psychological aspects of voice transition. Our goal is to help our members find a voice that resonates with their unique identity, enabling them to communicate confidently and authentically.


Key Features of Undead Voice Lab:


  • Community-Centered Approach: Connect with a diverse community of over 400 individuals who share your experiences. This network of peers offers support, understanding, and shared lived experiences.
  • Inclusive of the Entire Gender Spectrum: Unlike traditional resources that often focus solely on 'feminizing' the voice, our training is inclusive of the entire gender spectrum. We avoid gendered language, ensuring our resources reflect and respect the diversity of gender identities.
  • Affordable and Accessible: Priced at just 10% the cost of traditional voice training, we ensure affordability without compromising quality. For those in need, our needs-based scholarships have already awarded over half a million dollars, ensuring we turn no one away.
  • Lifetime Membership: Recognizing that gender identity can evolve and life can bring unexpected changes, we offer a lifetime membership. This removes the pressure of a fixed timeframe, allowing members to progress at their own pace.
  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to Voice Coaching: Our platform provides around-the-clock access to voice coaching, ensuring members can receive feedback and guidance exactly when they need it - during practice sessions and beyond.
  • Flexible Learning Environment: Our online platform allows members to learn in a way that suits them best, offering the flexibility to engage with materials and exercises at their convenience.


Our members report significant reductions in voice dysphoria, increased confidence in both personal and professional interactions, and an overall improvement in quality of life, typically within an average of 6 months. This is a stark contrast to the traditional healthcare approach, which can take up to 3 years.


As we move forward, our mission remains steadfast – to provide accessible, effective, and compassionate voice transition training. We are committed to empowering the trans and gender diverse community, helping each individual discover and empower their voice.


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