Oct 16, 2023

The entire block of geriatric trans content comes directly from the prompting of Jude Patton who was kind enough to point out its lack. Jude is a mental health clinician and physician associate who helped edit a series called TRANScestors Navigating LGBTQ+ Aging, Illness and End of Life Decisions: Generations of Hope. This volume documents the myriad ways in which trans elders are coming to terms with the real-life challenges of aging, illness, and end of life decision-making. TRANScestors is planned as a series of edited volumes that address the issues of LGBTQ+ aging, illness, and end of life decision-making. 


Additional volumes include: 

  • Volume II: Generations of Change- The wide range of attitudes, expressions, and worldviews held by the LGBTQ+ elders presented here challenge us all to carefully consider and adjust our perspectives on our own aging processes and, ultimately, on finding our own places in the world.
  • Volume III: Generations of Pride (pending publication)
  • Volume IV: Generations of Challenge (pending publication)


These anthologies are great resources for prescribers, clinicians, and patients. Hearing the stories and experiences of the communities we serve is an essential part of serving them better. It is so easy in medicine to forget the humanistic component of our work, bogged down in the day-to-day charting and other duties. These volumes help us pause and remember the breadth and depth of our patients humanity.


Jude continues his work as a counselor and activist. He advocates for the rights of trans people, specifically trans elders. Jude’s life and openness have laid the groundwork for generations of trans people to come. 


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