Top 3 Resources for Tracking Anti-Trans Youth Healthcare Laws

gender affirming healthcare gender affirming medical care pediatric gender affirming care Oct 31, 2022
Anti Trans Legislation Tracker

As prescribers, we are responsible for knowing the laws and regulations where we practice. Unfortunately, 2022 has seen more anti-trans legislation than ever before. It can be challenging to stay on top of it all especially if you are licensed in multiple states. Here are some the resources I use:

Freedom for All Americans

The Freedom for All Americans’ website has an easy-to-use legislation tracker, making it easier to follow anti-trans legislation in each state. 



The ACLU provides current information on LGBTQ rights and how to get involved. It also tracks legislation affecting LGBTQ rights in each state. 


Take Action

Take Action Against Anti-Trans Legislation is a new site that keeps track of the bills that are about to be signed into law. Take Action Against Anti-Trans Legislation provides the bill’s details and the information of the government official to contact to express opposition. It also includes script templates for contacting officials by phone and email.


I also recommend building a relationship with the gender clinic in your area. They are usually associated with larger healthcare systems who will have a legal department to support them. The medical director often can share update.

This is a particularly disheartening part of the work we do. However, it is important to engage with your local governmental representatives and medical board. Call them, write them. Be a safe place they can ask questions without fear of judgment. (It is okay you can judge them in your head and vent about it on our private community board later). Clinicians who do not engage in activism and advocacy are doing harm. They are not holding to their oaths of service. We each need to do what we can- for each of us that will be different. Some lower barrier options to engage in advocacy include:

  • Signing on to the GLMA and NCTE Anti-Trans Medical Ban Letter
  • Using the American Psychological Association website. They have tips for contacting representatives, writing op-eds, and more, including evidence-based talking points for a range of issues, including the healthcare and sports bans.
  • Speak up when colleagues or co-workers express anti-trans sentiment. Ask them what concerns or questions they have. Offer to share knowledge, expertise, and resources with them. QueerDoc has a blog with a summary of medical organizations and citations supporting care. Science Based Medicine also has a great piece.


If you are feeling discouraged or alone in this journey, reach out. There are so many of us here doing this work!


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