SPECIAL EDITION: Resources from Didactic on Sexual Healthcare for Trans and Gender Diverse Patients

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Gender Care Sexual Health

My live stream lecture Gender Care Sexual Health was Thursday, January 19. Usually the resources from each didactic are put into a downloadable PDF available to QueerCME Premium Members. There were so many great resources shared in addition to mine that I felt the content was TOO GOOD not to share. 

If you are finding this content useful, please consider becoming a Premium Member. All of this education and sharing pulls me out of clinic one day week which thus cuts my income signficantly. In order to make high quality continuing education in trans healthcare available to the most folx, I am trying to keep premium membership costs low, but that means I need LOTS of Premium Members to compensate me for the time and energy spent. Please consider subscribing. You can use employer based CME funds. I also offer group memberships at a discount for private practices, residency programs, large healthcare systems, etc!

This version is for providers. We add all the resources appropriate for patients to our QueerDoc blog here which you can share directly with your patients. 

Provider Resources:

Patient Resources:

Hopefully, you find this content useful!!! 


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