Resources from the Adovacy Live Stream Didactic

gender affirming healthcare gender affirming medical care pediatric gender affirming care transgender transgender continuing education online Apr 22, 2023


These are the links and resources I shared during Thursday's live stream lecture on getting involved in advocacy. I did not post a recording for premium member for security purposes, but you can find the slide deck with most of the slides in the QueerCME library if you are a paid subscriber. Please encourage others to subscribe. I need 301 more subscribers by the end of the year to continue creating new educational materials at QueerCME. Also, pricing increases after June!

Things you can do this week to advocate for trans people, trans youth, and gender affirming care:

  • File complaint with OCR
  • Internal self work
  • Donate to or volunteer with ACLU or local organizations
  • Draft your testimony
  • Follow your local LGBTQ non-profit on social (quick actions)
  • Write or call your legislators 
  • Donate and Follow Erin in the Morn
  • Sign-up for the Whitman-Walker weekly newsletter (Weekly news about the latest gender-affirming care policy, media, advocacy, and training opportunities)
  • Recruit your colleagues
  • VOTE


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