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Discover the miraculous world of trans voice training with Renée Yoxon, the renowned gender affirming voice teacher, TikTok sensation, and voice alteration expert. With countless students in their online courses and over 126K followers on social media, Renée is taking the internet by storm on their mission to empower transgender individuals through the power of voice modification.

Help Your Patients Align With Their True Self

Many trans, queer, and nonbinary folk experience voice dysphoria, where the sound of their voice doesn't align with their gender identity or desired presentation. Trans voice alteration teaches technical skills to help your patients speak and maintain their most affirming voice. This empowering practice enables your patients to achieve a voice that feels authentic, allowing your patients to match their voice with their identity.

Renée Can Help Your Patients Find the Voice They Love

Renée has been a guiding force for countless students, helping them discover and embrace voices that reflect their identities. Whether your patients’ goal is to create a brighter-lighter sound or a darker-brassier sound, Renée believes everyone can reach their true voice.

Renée understands the transformative power of joyful expression and playfulness. As a trans, disabled, and nonbinary individual, Renée has faced and conquered the challenges of their own gender dysphoria. They've successfully created an identity and life they love, and they're here to guide your patients on their own empowering journey.

With several degrees in voice training and over 17 years of teaching experience in various settings, including online platforms, in-person sessions, and universities, Renée has become a forefront expert in trans voice training. Their passion lies in sharing practical and accessible skills that empower your patients to present their authentic selves.

Learning Made For You

Renée strives to make lessons and other content as accessible as possible. They offer hundreds of free training videos and resources for beginners, as well as scholarship programs for people in need. They also offer in-depth and comprehensive online courses.

Once your patients enroll in an online course, they have lifetime access, and they can learn at any pace that's right for them. Renée understands that everyone has different needs, so trainings and live office hours offer personalized tips that help your patients meet any unique challenges.

All courses also come with free access to a community of trans voice students who will help support your patients in their journey. The framework of Renée’s compassionate courses and community support fosters an environment of unconditional acceptance and positivity.

Affirming Voices Affirm Tans Lives

Renée's ultimate goal is to help everyone they can reach a state of joy in their bodies. They are deeply devoted to fostering self-discovery and self-affirmation through creativity, curiosity, and exploration. By sharing their expertise and personal journey, Renée is here to support and encourage your patients on their path to finding a voice they love and achieving a sense of joy and authenticity in their unique identity. You can find Renée’s resources here:

  • Website: includes free resources, paid courses, and scholarship opportunities
  • YouTube: free resources
  • TikTok



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