Recommended Resources and References for Neurodiverse Patients

Jul 08, 2024

Dylan Atler (they/them), founder of, recently guested on the QueerCME podcast to discuss their top recommended resources for neurodiverse patients. Their expertise and advocacy in creating inclusive, supportive environments for neurodiverse individuals shine through in their curated resource list. Dylan emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing the unique needs of neurodiverse patients, advocating for tailored approaches in healthcare settings. Through, they provide valuable insights and tools to help both patients and healthcare providers navigate the complexities of neurodiverse care with compassion and expertise. For those interested in furthering their knowledge and enhancing their practice, Dylan’s resources are indispensable.

Resources & References: 

To see the benefit of ADHD Coaching: database of coaching research related to ADHD and executive functioning.Digital Database (


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