Pre Visit Paperwork to Make Patients and You Happier

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Okay- the other resources that are essential to my daily clinical practice are available to premium members of QueerCME. You can get QueerCME with 40 hours of category 1 AMA credit available to physicians, PAs, NPs, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, and social workers. You can use employer funded CME dollars. Alternatively, a more affordable option with no CE/CME credit is also available. The pre-visit paperwork I use is available to members to use in their individual practice. If you want access for your whole clinic, institution, or organization, please email me at [email protected].


My pre-visit paperwork has been fine tuned over 5 years by 4 clinicians practicing gender affirming care every day- 3 of whom are trans ourselves, one of whom is queer and BIPOC identified. I made some major changes a couple of years ago that really changed the visit experience for the better. We get so much information about care goals in advance of the visit:

The list of changes goes on! We use similar questions but in a table format for youth:

This paperwork has really helped me not only be more efficient in clinical encounters, it really allows me to better serve my patients. We get to focus our time together on really individualizing their care, shared decision making, and informed consent. When I hosted a panel of trans patients for a QueerCME didactic it was so rewarding to realize that everything they suggested their clinicians change, we already have incorporated at QueerDoc much of in our pre-visit paperwork. Honestly, access to these downloads is probably worth the cost of the program alone. Also, as I iterate in my practice, I update the resources at QueerCME, so you will always have the most up to date versions.


80-90% of the time this blog is purely free education on gender affirming healthcare. I believe healthcare is a right and would love to give all of my resources away for free. Unfortunately, I was not educated for free and have to be compensated for my time and energy, so this post is really to encourage you to consider paying!!!! I am queer and trans and will put the money to good use making more awesome trans health educational content.


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