My Favorite Resouces for Trans Youth

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Pink, blue, and whitish books

I am a huge believer in peer support groups. Maybe it is because I have had positive personal experiences with them and am an extrovert by nature. Certainly some of my patients feel confident that groups aren’t for them, and I trust them to know themselves best. I do encourage everyone to consider trying a few different peer support groups at least a few times. I keep links to all of the groups and online communities I hear about here, so I can send patients to the resources easily. I recommend checking with your local LGBTQ+ non-profit organization for local support groups. 


So many of my younger patients also find a lot of support online, particularly in Discord servers. Local groups often have their own! I like to remind folx about internet safety and think these resources are helpful:


Young patients often want to access gender expression resources as well such as binders, packers, STPs, etc. I keep a running list of gender expression resources with links here. Paid subscribers have access to my lectures on these items and my template letter of medical necessity. Insurance will reimburse or cover the cost of many of these with an appropriate letter and prescription from a provider. 


Lastly, movies, shows, and books can have affirming effects for trans youth. The Seattle Public Library librarians keep an active list, and I like this one from the New York Public Libraries.


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