Gender Affirming Surgeries in Cis Youth

gender affirming healthcare gender affirming medical care pediatric gender affirming care transgender transgender continuing education online transgender health education Dec 26, 2022

There has been so much in the news lately about gender affirming surgeries in transgender youth. If you read our previous blog, you know that rates of gender affirming surgeries in trans youth under the age of 18 are really low. However, surgeries in cis youth that are gender affirming are much more common but not making the news. Let’s look at the numbers:

  • ~200-250 gender affirming top surgeries in trans patients age 13-17 in 2020
  • ~50 gender affirming bottom surgeries in trans patients age 13-17 from 2019-2021 (three year period)
  • ~7800 gender affirming top surgeries in cis patients age 13-17 in 2020

These statistics come from the American Society Plastic Surgeon’s Plastic Surgery Statistics Report. The estimated 7,800 surgeries in cis youth include breast augmentations and breast reductions.

That is 26 times the rate of surgeries in trans youth.


Trans youth are under attack. Healthcare providers who care for trans youth are under attack. Physicians and surgeons who care for cis youth are not despite offering similar permanent physical changes to bodies under 18. Data shows trans youth have lower rates of regret around surgery than cis youth. The political system has made the bodies of trans youth a battlefield, and this is horribly vile and unjust.


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