Dr. Crystal Beal's Top 15 Daily Patient Resources

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There are some resources I find myself using over and over with my patients. I want to mind dump those here for you. Hopefully, some of them will help you with your practice. 


I will say that in general, I built the QueerDoc website to contain all of the resources I come in contact with and have recommended more than once, so my brain doesn’t have to try to keep them all. I hear over and over again from medical colleagues and friends in the trans community how helpful the website is. One of my colleagues said the two websites he always has up on his computer at work is Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic (I helped with their dosing protocols)  and QueerDoc’s. A friend in Atlanta texted me when her clinician started her on progesterone to tell me how informative the QueerDoc content is- she said she felt a little silly since we have known each other for years.


So to warn you- there will be some self-promotional links back to QueerDoc content!


Things I share most with patients in daily practice:

Things that get the most traffic on the QueerDoc website which are great patient education content:

I pull one (if not more) of these up to screen share with a patient at least once per clinic session, but probably on average more than that. Hope incorporating these into your practice makes your day more efficient and your patients better supported. Please share any resources you love for me to check out!!!


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