Don't Miss Vocal Dysphoria in Your Trans and Gender Diverse Patients

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Vocal dysphoria is one of the most under diagnosed and undertreated components of gender dysphoria. Catch my TikTok on my thoughts! This is probably because as primary care providers we lack the tools and training to help support vocal transition. If we can’t intervene, we tend to not ask. 


But imagine spending everyday, every minute distress and uncomfortable because of how you sound. Think about how much that interferes with building relationships and careers. Daily function and wellness necessitates communication and most people use their voice for that. 


Trans and gender diverse folx have a ton of options when it comes to vocal transition:


My favorite tends to be the online curriculums, they come with LIFETIME access, so patients don’t get into a shame spiral of having “not done their homework”. The last thing we need when trying to do something as vulnerable as change how we sound is shame. Both Undead and Renée offer scholarships, so cost should not be a barrier. Undead is my favorite because it is more comprehensive and doesn’t use binary language about gender or voice. 


Start screening all of your gender diverse patients for vocal dysphoria and offer them resources. You can always just send them to our clinical sides Vocal Virtual Resources Page! We keep all of the resources up-to-date and vet them first- so you don’t have to!


Over the next few weeks the creators of several of these resources will share more about their approach in the blog here at QueerCME.


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