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transgender transgender continuing education online transgender health transgender health education transgender health education online Jun 27, 2022

Introducing QueerCME! We are the premier source for transgender continuing education online. 


Did you know that a quarter of all medical schools don’t include LGBTQ+ health education for their student doctors? Of the medical schools that do include LGBTQ+ health education in their curriculum, half of them report offering only 3-4 educational topics. The schools leading in LGBTQ+ health education report an average of 5 hours on the subject, primarily focusing on HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases. 80% of graduating medical school students felt “not competent or only somewhat competent” to care for transgender patients. Less than ⅓ of primary care physicians surveyed feel well-trained enough to provide gender affirming medical care.


Transgender and gender diverse patients suffer due to this lack of training. Approximately 50% of transgender respondents reported having to teach their health care providers about transgender care. 56% of LGBTQ+ individuals have confronted discrimination while seeking medical treatment. One in four queer people have reported encountering some form of medical discrimination in the last year alone.


I know about all of this firsthand because I went to medical school, and I go to the doctor’s office as a queer, gender-diverse patient. 


My medical school included one lecture on trans health that was 90 minutes long. We also had lectures and small group breakouts on LGB health. The lectures were mostly focused on STIs. The small groups involved LGB community members sharing their experiences, which was somewhat impressive for my north Florida school in 2008. As a patient, I have yet to have a healthcare experience where I have been gendered correctly throughout the entire encounter. I also have had to educate every provider I have ever had on my STI testing needs. 


I created QueerCME to change the care experience for myself and my community. 


For less than the cost of most CME conferences, you get everything you need to gain expertise in queer and gender affirming medical care. The core curriculum includes:

  • 12 CME accredited webinars (14 CME/CE hours)
  • 6 chart note templates
  • 5 pre-visit questionnaires
  • 4 sample visit scripts
  • Over 15 letter templates
  • Quarterly live stream "Ask the Expert" events
  • An active member community


New members-only content will be released monthly with core content updates every two to three years. The current content focuses on adult care. Our 2022 Summer and Fall members-only content releases will focus on youth (pediatric and/or adolescent) gender affirming medical care. Join now to be invited to the live recording of our adolescent care lectures, where you have an opportunity to ask questions during the presentation.


I am so excited to share QueerCME with you. QueerCME disrupts the current archaic medical education system by offering up-to-date and advanced content from someone with lived experience,  at your fingertips and on your own schedule. Not only do I want to change the experience of my community at their provider’s office, but I also want to change the experience of providers seeking transgender continuing education online. With QueerCME, I have made comprehensive, current, and affordable education in transgender health care easily available to all providers. Join me in curing LGBTQ+ health discrimination. Subscribe to QueerCME now and help raise the bar in queer and gender affirming healthcare. 




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